Our Instructors

Dina Shmuel has an unending passion for music and enjoys teaching it. She strives to provide the best results for his students while ensuring that lessons are enjoyable and fun. Dina Shmuel has been well praised by both parents and students who have and are continually learning with her. She is patient, creative in her methodology and can tailor lessons and progress according to each student.

Her Father was a great and a popular musician in the early 90s in Israel. The father has been the head of a school for about 40 years before he fully retired; Dina has a strong musical background. But, above all, Dina has been a consistent instructor of music for many years since she graduated from Kaye Academic College of Education where she studied Music Education in Israel. She has been working hard as a full-time music teacher in Jewish Community Center (JCC) for about 5 years.

Dina understands and can speak fluently 3 languages namely: Hebrew, Russian and English.